Learn Mandarin for traveling





Learn Mandarin for traveling

A cultural-tourism approach for learning languages visually

The Bund, Shanghai (Daniel Case, 3.0)

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Are you planning to visit China or Singapore?

Here at Travel Mandarin, you will learn 200 key phrases and 1,000 of the most common words in Mandarin. Try our 50 free online lessons.



  • Radicals, tones, and traditional and simplified characters
  • Greetings and farewells
  • Introductions
  • Small talk. Talking about the weather


Talking about yourself and your family and friends

  • Talking about your family and friends
  • Talking about your studies
  • Talking about your work
  • Talking about time
  • Talking about your routines
  • Talking about your favorite landscapes


Learning about China and Singapore

  • Learning about the regions
  • Learning about Chinese festivals and celebrations
  • Learning about Chinese maotai, wine, liqueurs and beers
  • Learning about architecture
  • Learning about art
  • Learning about literature
  • Learning about music
  • Learning about sports


Using the Chinese and Singapore transportation systems

  • Busiest airports
  • At the airport
  • Taking the train
  • Cities with a subway
  • Taking inter-city buses
  • River and canal boat cruises
  • Taking a taxi
  • Asking for directions


Communications in China and Singapore

  • the postal systems
  • At the post office
  • Having a telephone conversation in Mandarin
  • Writing short messages in Mandarin


Using the Chinese and Singapore banking systems

  • At the bank


Top-rated accommodation and dining in China and Singapore

  • Famous hotels: the Michelin guide
  • At the hotel
  • Famous restaurants: the Michelin guide
  • At the restaurant
  • the Chinese café and tea parlor


Top tourist attractions in China

  • Discover Chengdu
  • Discover Dalian
  • Discover Guangzhou
  • Discover Guilin
  • Discover Hangzhou
  • Discover Heilongjiang
  • Discover Hong Kong
  • Discover Huangshan
  • Discover Kunming
  • Discover Lhasa
  • Discover Macau
  • Discover Nanjing
  • Discover Sanya
  • Discover Shanghai
  • Discover Suzhou
  • Discover Tianjin
  • Discover Xi’an
  • Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China


Discovering Beijing

  • Using local transport in Beijing
  • Taking a sight-seeing tour of Beijing: famous landmarks
  • Going shopping in Beijing
  • Visiting a museum/art gallery in Beijing
  • Attending a musical performance in Beijing
  • Attending a sports event in Beijing


Discover Singapore

  • Using local transport in Singapore
  • Taking a sight-seeing tour
  • Going shopping
  • Visiting a museum/art gallery
  • Attending a musical performance
  • Attending a sports event


Getting healthcare in China and Singapore

  • at a medical clinic
  • at the dentist
  • at the pharmacy
  • dealing with emergencies


Exploring the Silk Road